Graduation '04

Graduation 2004 collection shows the final-year project of Suzanne Poort at the Academy of Art in Arnhem (ArtEZ). This colourful collection was inspired especially by her admiration for the excess of the brilliance and grandeur of images out of the catholic tradition. Her approach is traditional with the use of crafts, translated to current times where she founds it important to show manual and love for products. The collection can be characterized by its aim to decorate in combination with its various shapes. The shoes are designed in three series, with a clear fashionable approach. The identifiable handwriting of Suzanne is recognised in her special nose shapes and elegant lines. Fascinated by the use of leather, fine details and handicrafts the collection contains: embroideries, perforations, inlayed leather, coloured cuts, heat-seals and knitting.

Suzanne Poort shoe designer
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suzanne poort shoe design graduation collection 2004